"I wonder...

  • ...what is the weight of the asphalt on all the roads in Cheltenham School District?”
  • ...if we took all the eggs laid by all the chickens in Pennsylvania on May 4, 2010, how big an omelet would it make?”
  • ...if Citizen’s Bank Park were completely filled with popped popcorn, how long would it take the Phillies to eat it all?”
  • ...whether I could get a plant to grow underwater...or underground?"
  • ...if there's anything that will burn without a flame?"
  • ...if I can make time slow down?"
  • ...can I invent a drink that doesn't evaporate?"
  • ...how pets could survive on Mars?"
  • ...how the Internet will change the world 5 years from now?"
  • ...what would the 60's have been like if John F. Kennedy had survived?"
  • ...what would life be like today if the Panama Canal had never been built?"
  • ...will there ever be a country that exists only on the Internet?"
  • ...what would we put in the Constitution if we were writing it today?"
  • ...if there will ever be a rhyme for orange? or purple? or silver?"
  • ...whether I could create a whole paragraph...or book...that is a palindrome?"
  • ...what would happen if we eliminated one letter from the alphabet? ...or added a new one?"
  • ...whether it is possible to create a research report using only pictures?"
  • ...if you could program a computer to write jokes?"

Add your own ideas to the list, or ask your students to wonder out loud!