Figure It Out: Context Clues

One of the fix-up strategies that students can use to attack an unknown word is reading on to see if there are clues around it. Try giving students this story with several boldface nonsense words and let them use the context clues to figure out what they mean:

Kendra’s favorite movie is Monsters Devour Tokyo. Her favorite part is when the giant monsters pick up the bicycles like she would pick up peas and shove them into their glumious mouths. The people on the streets are pocrilled, running through the streets and screaming to warn their neighbors about the widespread florpation the monsters have caused. Buildings are crushed and cars look like tin cans. The monsters appear to have tripharious appetites, eating everything in sight! Then, along comes the bolokart to save the day! In her red cape and black boots, she zaps them with her special laser and they snigarillate into nothing. Tokyo is saved! The monsters glexwitch and the only signs that they were ever there are the destroyed buildings, cars, and bicycles. At least the people were saved! Kendra knows there will never be a sequel since the monsters were aramichazed by the heroine!