Extension menus (also known as tic-tac-toe menus) are a great way to give students structured options for a project or assignment. They can be as simple as a collection of related activities from which students can choose, or you can organize them in the grid in a way that will require students to do specific kinds of work while still giving them options.

For example, you could have the difficulty level increase from top to bottom and use the columns to design activities with different types of products (written, oral, constructed).

Here is an example of one way you could do an extension menu. Click here for a blank version of this form: . Or try this version suitable for primary grades: .

Extension Menu

Using a Venn diagram, compare the similarities and differences of the two main characters in the book
Design and color a book jacket that best captures “the feel” of the story
Write a prequel to the novel
Compose a piece of music for a chapter of the story
Your Own Idea
Write the next chapter of the book and compare your version to the author’s version
Design a scaled set for a scene in the book
Write a review of the book. Make sure to include why you like or did not like the book
Investigate the author, and summarize your findings in a brochure or pamphlet entitled “About the Author.”