The idea of a dinner menu is to give students structured choices in three categories: small but rich "appetizers" to warm up, hearty "entrees" to dig into the meat and potatoes of the topic, followed by sweet and satisfying "desserts" to finish the unit with a little fun. Below is one way you could do it (adapted from D. Schulthes). Download a Word document template to create your own:

Create your own menu at this site:

Appetizers (choose 1):

  • draw picture of your state
  • create map of your state
  • state trading cards
  • create a list of fast facts about your state
  • make a Venn diagram comparing our state to your state

Entrees (choose 1):

  • report
  • speech
  • brochure
  • slideshow

Desserts (choose 1):

  • poem about your state
  • write a letter to someone convincing them that your state is the best
  • create a poster that could advertise your state
  • make up a new state song