Differentiation Starter Kit

Hammer Wall

“I suppose it is tempting,
if the only tool you have is a hammer,
to treat everything as if it were a nail.”
—Abraham Maslow

The purpose of this site is to provide teachers with additional tools for their toolboxes, as well as to create a place to share tools with others.

Because it is a wiki, the real power of this kit will come from your contributions! If you have a new idea to share, a resource you have found, or just want to modify the instructions for an activity based on your experience using it, feel free to jump right in and add it. When we all begin to share our ideas, the available resources will multiply quickly!

Contents of the Differentiation Starter Kit

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Some links may lead to blank pages—these are currently under construction and will have content at a later date. Please feel free to add your own content, however, anywhere you have ideas to contribute! If you have suggestions for additional things to include in this kit, add a comment to the page where it would apply.